The Accident

It was a late rainy Sat. night June 7, 2003 Bradley and aboy named Keith were passengers in a car driven by another teen driving to fast. The sheriff's dept. estimated her speed to be 70-85 mph in a 45 mph zone.
At around 11:30pm the driver lost control going into a curve on William Few Parkway in Appling Georgia. The car slid sideways over 175 ft. slammed into a tree, spun around up an incline and caught fire. Bradley and Keith died in the fire. I was never told of any attempts to get them out. Bradley had 10 broken ribs and mutiple internal injuries,
Keith had no injuries. We only pray they both were unconsious at the time. The driver lived with only minor injuries. The driver was already breaking the law by having passengers in the first 6 months of having a license. She only had her license 11 days.
Bradley and Keith were friends for 11 yrs.

Bradley was backseat drivers side and took full impact.


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